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"According to official records,the UAE has a multinational settled population over 10 million. The population of Dubai, which is a tourist attraction center every month of the year, reaches much higher levels. In this country, where the average personal income is high and production is limited, many products suitable for retail and commercial use in all sectors are imported. For this reason, the demand and interest in foreign origin products is increasing day by day.

Considering the e-commerce market development in the UAE in 2018, Amazon bought the local e-commerce platform called Souq and entered the market under its own name. It determined Dubai as the center and trade logistics base of the GULF region and started to serve all neighboring countries, not just limited to Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates currency has a fixed exchange rate against dollar, and this rate is AED3.67. When you sell in this market, your earnings are always fixed. However, the tax equivalent of the income with high profit rate is very low. The VAT rate introduced in the country at the beginning of 2018 is only 5%.
Yes. You can market your brand and products in the United Arab Emirates and sell them by listing them individually on e-commerce platforms. By contracting with a professional company, you can ensure that your brand is promoted in Dubai and the Emirates, and its products are presented to the wholesale and retail markets.
In order to sell individually on e-commerce platforms in the United Arab Emirates, you must register VAT and obtain a tax number. The UAE is not a tax-free country, it is a country with very low tax rates.

It is necessary to submit a declaration to the Federal Tax Office every 3 months and to follow up your accounting transactions. In this country, your VAT payment from your sales is only 5%.
We carry out your accounting and declaration transactions as Firstep. You can pay your tax, which will be accrued afterwards, online with your credit card.
"The Federal Tax Office will fine you AED20,000 for late tax filing. In case this fee is not paid, legal interest will accrue every day. In addition, since the collection of fines created with the current system in the country works perfectly with inter-institutional coordination, your progress in your Amazon vendor account, your inventory and your payment instrument registered in the system may be blocked and your account may suddenly be suspended.

If the declaration is submitted late, a fine of AED1,000 is incurred. In case this fee is not paid, legal interest will accrue every day.”
Every product sent to the UAE is subject to inspection whether it complies with the customs rules. Therefore working with a local importer company will be beneficial for you in order to eliminate the grievances that may occur in this regard.
When sending the product, the restrictions imposed by the country must be strictly adhered to. Otherwise, there will be serious problems at customs. With these insurmountable problems, the products to be destroyed or sent back to the sending country will create a serious excessive cost situation for you.
When your products are cleared at customs in the UAE, your carrier operator will ask you to share the official importer information for the products to be brought into the country. At this point, you can get support for IOR service from our company in the UAE.
With this method, which Amazon recommends and supports all over the world, when you start selling, you send your previously purchased products to Amazon FBA warehouses in bulk. After that, the products that reach the warehouse are stored by Amazon on your behalf, shipped when the sale time arrives, and all returns and customer services are provided. With the sales method to be made in this way, you will get rid of a big operational burden.
Because when you start selling with the FBA method, you take your place among Amazon privileged vendors. Amazon matches you and your products with the Prime badge. This allows your products to be sold quickly and to reach Amazon's Prime member customer base.
In order to be able to sell with the FBA method, you must send the products you plan to sell to the FBA warehouses with the shipping plan you will create from your Amazon seller account.
In order to be able to deliver your products to UAE Amazon warehouses, you must get an intermediate warehouse service. Because the UAE strictly abides by the timed appointment system due to its geographical conditions. Early or late products are definitely rejected and asked to arrive on time with a new appointment.
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