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Firstep Intl.
Firstep Intl.
About Firstep Intl.

Firstep provides full range of services to entrepreneurs and manufacturers engaged in wholesale, retail and e-commerce in the United Arab Emirates. It helps exporters expand their business with solutions that comply with legal regulations.


It offers accurate and fast solutions in compliance with Dubai laws, ranging from cost-effective shipping options, fast customs clearance, warehousing services, to legal tax registration processes and subsequent accounting processes.

It helps those who sell/wish to sell via e-commerce (Amazon, Souq, Noon etc.) in the United Arab Emirates, to properly fulfill their legal obligations and grow in the market.


It provides consultancy services for the processes such as finding wholesale or retail sales channels for the products of manufacturers and trademark owners, trademark registration, establishing a company with the right license in the United Arab Emirates and certification if needed.


Firstep leads the entrepreneurs and manufacturers who have never traded in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region to take the first step in the export they want to make outside their country.


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