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Customs Service (IOR) - Customs Compliance
Customs Service (IOR) - Customs Compliance
Has your wholesale, retail or FBA shipment been stuck in customs? Find immediate solutions with Firstep.

With IOR services, it ensures that each import complies with UAE laws and regulations. It takes responsibility for your shipment and pays any related fees, duties, import duties and other taxes charged by the local authority on your behalf.

Once your goods arrive in the country, you will need an official (IO) provider, an indirect representative company registered with your local customs, to assist in clearing your goods through customs.

With expert IOR services Firstep plans and solves all your customs procedures.

A broker files the import paperwork but doesn't take any risks. For this reason, many transport companies offer brokerage services. Without an IOR, your goods and products classified as trade shipments cannot be cleared through customs. This is a common mistake made by sellers that often causes shipments to be stuck.

A common reason for shipments to get stuck at customs is because they don't have an IOR service provider or indirect representation. Not only do we have a proven track record in customs clearance, but we also consider ourselves as a reliable partner for getting your stuck shipments into United Arab Emirates. Your shipments that get stuck in customs can have a material impact on your stock levels and profit margins. With Firstep's processing times, manufacturers, brand owners or FBA resellers can minimize these cost complications.

Contact us; let us ensure the entry of your products without any problems, and complete your customs procedures on your behalf, as an official IOR service provider.

With expert IOR services Firstep plans and solves all your customs procedures.
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